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  • Cromwell, Arrowtown, Wanaka and Dunedin by arrangement
  • In our 24th year of providing quality training.


We have a range of professional
driver training and assessment courses.


Ground Spread Training

Ground Spread Training and/or Assessment (“Bulkys”)

‘We offer on the job training for your new bulky operators, this programme does not have any class room content as we feel a day in the cab instead of a class room will deliver so many more benefits.

The training will cover all the essentials from truck and bin maintenance, computer set up, sowing widths, density measurements, reading the land, vehicle control (practically on steep ground), seed sowing procedures, everything a new driver would need to get the job done to the client and your expectations.

These programmes are structured to your company’s requirements as one boot certainly does not fit all, so flexibility is paramount, we are fully aware the days plans can change in a heartbeat so when that happens, we are happy to adapt.

We will drive the unit to better illustrate some techniques when required, or as happened in the past the trainee loses confidence at the bottom of the gully.

As for your experienced drivers (those that go where the plane won’t) an advanced drive assessment would assist in meeting your Workplace Safety requirements.

All programmes/drives are fully documented and your company will receive a comprehensive report.