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We have a range of professional
driver training and assessment courses.


Licence Endorsements

Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Goods Renewal
Why this course?

You need this endorsement on your licence if you want to transport dangerous or hazardous goods on NZ roads. If you are unsure check the web link below or feel free to contact us for advice.

What will I need to do this course?

You must hold a current New Zealand licence

Course duration

6 – 8 hours

All training aids and reference material will be supplied.

The course is based on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority Unit Standard 16718. Successful trainees from the course will be credited with this Unit Standard to their NZQA Record of Learning in addition to receiving the course certificate.

The course will cover such issues as:Documentation
Hazard response

Dangerous Goods, 6-7 Hours Course Cost


Dangerous Goods Renewal Course

Expiry of D endorsement must have not expired for more than 12 months from expiry date on drivers licence.

Course duration 2-3 hours

Dangerous Goods Renewal Course Cost

Rollers Tracks & Wheels (RTW) Endorsement

An RTW Endorsement lets you drive many speciality vehicles that use Rollers, Tracks, and/or wheels. Each category (R, T, and W) are separate endorsements that let you drive vehicles in that category.

What can I drive??

Please follow the following web link if you are unsure, or please feel free to contact us for free advice.

RTW Endorsements Cost

1 Endorsement

2 Endorsements

3 Endorsements

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