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  • In our 24th year of providing quality training.


We have a range of professional
driver training and assessment courses.


Livestock Training

Livestock Training and/or Assessment

Lindsay has been heavily involved in driving 2/4 deck modern livestock vehicles carting deer, sheep and cattle. He has also run training programmes for operators to gain national certificate in livestock transport in a heavy motor vehicle.

Whether you may require an assessment conducted on an experienced driver or a full training package for a new driver Roadtrain can offer a selection of options and prices to suit your needs.

We firmly believe after 21 years of training that almost all drivers gain more skills from on the job training. While classroom sessions are required for some subjects, being able to get into the crate and demonstrate the correct procedures pays huge dividends.

The benefits for operators that have had structured training are:

  • Decrease in damage to vehicles or property
  • Improved safety
  • Happier clients
  • Fuel savings and less r&m
  • Higher level of stock welfare knowledge
  • Complying with the Workplace Safety Act

Why use Roadtrain? Just ask your present provider when they last loaded a stock unit with unhappy steers, also your drivers relate better with someone who has “been there, done that”.

All programmes/drives are fully documented and your company will receive a comprehensive report.