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In the current NZ job market, there is a significant shortage of truck drivers. Because of this, there is an unmet demand across the country for more people who are willing to work as truck drivers, and this situation is not going to improve any time soon. If you want to be successful, both financially and personally, this is a growing career field that you should take note of.

However, before you step into the professional world, there are a few things you should consider, especially if you’re unsure of whether or not you want to become a truck driver. Furthermore, if you’re somewhat confident and want to opt for your own commercial driver’s licence and are looking for trucking jobs in New Zealand, you should consider getting answers to the following questions (to solidify your ground even more)!

Do you even like driving?

The very first step is for you to be truthful with yourself about whether or not you enjoy the process of driving. If you know for a fact that you enjoy being behind the wheels and that you get a kick out of being on the road, then the opportunity to drive a truck is going to be right up your alley.

As they travel, truck drivers have plenty of chances to take in the sights. They either travel across the country or serve in one area, and their daily driving time ranges from 8 to 10 hours, depending on their route. Whatever the case may be, you should consider this line of work if you have a genuine passion for driving that goes beyond mere convenience or financial gain.

Don’t have a licence? Sign up for truck driver training in Invercargill, Arrowtown, and Cromwell (New Zealand) today!

Being on the road for long hours

How long can you remain still without having to move? If you are going to be driving a truck, it is possible that you will have to do so. Truck drivers are required to stay on the road for hours, despite the fact that most of us can’t even determine how much time a truck driver spends behind the wheel in this line of work. It’s only normal that they’ll remain seated for a certain number of hours throughout their journey (and sometimes even more than what was predetermined) without any break. Working outside of the standard 9–5 working hours will most often be necessary to meet your deadline. That in itself is not a bad thing, but you really ought to give some serious thought to whether or not you should proceed in this direction. Truck driving requires you to maintain focus on how to proceed in the future, which is difficult for some people who struggle to sit still for long periods of time.

Do you have a commercial driver’s licence?

To operate a truck legally, you’ll need a valid licence, and it’s possible that you don’t own one when you’re reading this blog post. If we are correct, then do not press the panic button yet! But if you already have one, then it will be much easier for you to start applying for jobs driving trucks. For non-holders, you’ll have to enrol in a truck driver training programme (sign up here if you’re in Invercargill, Cromwell, or Arrowtown).

But here’s the most important part: you may not need to pay anything for your education. There are companies that will teach you how to drive, and some of them will even pair you with an experienced driver so that you can learn how to drive while you are being paid by the company to do so.

Some people find this to be an unusual aspect of the industry. You read that correctly; not only will you be paid to learn, but you will also have a sponsor who will assist you in learning the ins and outs of truck driving. You will not be forced into the driver’s seat of a truck and given instructions to operate it. The end result should be a more skilled driving population, and if you are willing to pick up new skills, you will be an invaluable asset towards that end.

Job flexibility

One decision you’ll have to make is whether or not you love versatility in your working hours. For example, would you be able to spend some time away from your house? Perhaps a week, or even two? That might be balanced out by remaining sedentary for a couple of weeks at home.

The best part about this career path is the flexibility of projects. It can range from a typical 40 hours per week to making long-distance hauls where you could get generously paid for your efforts. Sometimes you might need to put in consecutive hours at the office, maybe for as long as a month, before you can take a break and get back out on the road.

Truck driving is a good profession to consider if you value flexibility, especially if you’re able to put in extra hours beyond the standard 40. Before you commit to working as a driver, you should give some thought to this issue because there are many different ways to go about things as well as a variety of different choices available to you.

Job Placement and Jobs Abound

There are primarily 2 ways that one can get hired as a truck driver.

  • You could go to a truck driver training school of your choice (sign up here if you’re in Invercargill, Arrowtown, or Cromwell) to earn your licence, take the necessary exams, and then start applying for jobs in your area.
  • You could conduct a search for truck driving jobs online, submit an application, and then immediately start working.
  • You might also consider working for a school that assists students in finding employment.

Additionally, there are businesses that will hire you as a student on the condition that you fulfil your driving obligation for them. In either case, you are going to have the opportunity to start making good money on the very first day.

Whether you’ve never driven a truck before or have years of experience under your belt, this guide is for you. You’ll discover that the starting pay rate begins on the first day of work, and there is no question that the overall experience will be beneficial to you.

Look For Reviews For More Information

Last but not least, if you’re thinking about starting a career as a truck driver, you should spend some time researching what other drivers have to say about their jobs and the industry as a whole. You’ll find that there are a lot of people who have told their stories online, and these people can help you decide if this is the right path for you to take.

The vast majority of people are going to consider this an excellent opportunity to get a good career, benefits, and possibly even more. If you feel like you’re ready for a change in your life, you should look into the opportunities that are available for truck drivers. You are going to be blown away by how fantastic they can be for people who have a passion for driving.

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