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RTW endorsement is mandatory for any driver in NZ if they want to drive a special-type vehicle. They need to have:

  • R endorsements to drive vehicles that run on rollers.
  • T endorsements to use vehicles that run on self-laying tracks.
  • W endorsements to drive vehicles 
  • The W endorsement is for vehicles that are used in roadworks and minings, etc., but aren’t forklifts, passenger vehicles, tractors, fire engines, trade vehicles or vehicle recovery service vehicles.

Vehicle weight covered by licence class

Other than having the proper endorsement for driving a special-type vehicle, you also need to own a proper full-class driver’s licence for the vehicle you wish to drive.

The classification of your driver’s licence will be determined by the type of vehicle you are driving, the weight of the vehicle, and the speed at which you are driving it. Check out the NZTA website to know the vehicle weights that’ll be covered by the licence class.

What’s the definition of a ‘road’?

In the context of the laws governing transportation, the term “road” can have a very broad meaning. It encompasses not only roads and highways, but also any location that is open to the general public, such as bridges, culverts, beaches, riverbeds, reserve lands, wharves, and road shoulders. If you drive a vehicle of a special type in any of these areas, you are subject to the regulations that govern vehicle registration, licencing, and general driver conduct.

How to get an RTW endorsement in NZ?

You need to have a full licence in order to be eligible for the RTW endorsement in NZ (except a motorcycle licence). You will be required to provide evidence that you have successfully completed an approved course that teaches specialised knowledge and skills that are required to safely operate the special-type vehicle.

Take note that merely having the course certificate won’t be enough to allow you to drive on public roads. You are required to have the endorsement added to your driver’s licence. Note that the courses that have been approved by the Transport Agency in NZ cover both basic driving skills and road rules. They are not intended to take the place of classes that cover occupational safety and health requirements or the skills necessary for specific types of work environments.

Eyesight requirements

You are required to provide evidence that your eyesight meets the required standards. You have three options: pass an eyesight screening check administered by a driver licensing agent; present a certificate stating that your eyesight is satisfactory, or present a medical certificate (no more than 60 days old).

The certificate needs to be issued by a New Zealand registered optometrist or health practitioner, such as your primary care physician (PCP), a registered nurse or nurse practitioner, or a specialist if it is deemed necessary. In the event that you fail the eyesight screening test administered by the agent, you will be required to present a certificate in its place. You will be required to present a valid eye exam certificate if you only have vision in one eye or if you only have one eye altogether (also known as monocular vision).

Wheels, Tracks & Rollers (WTR) Licence Endorsement Course

Anyone who currently runs a specialized vehicle (except a forklift) on a road will receive the knowledge and skills required to drive the specialised vehicle, in a way that’s both safe and compliant with the law.

RTW Endorsement Course in NZ

The goal of this course is to equip anyone who drives a special type of vehicle that isn’t a forklift on a road with the necessary skills and knowledge for safe operation in any environment that may be relevant to the course. Each of the Wheels (W), Tracks (T), and Rollers (R) require their own individual endorsement (R).

Please take into consideration that the term “road” has a very broad meaning in the context of the laws that govern transportation. It encompasses not only roads and highways but also any area that is open to the general public, such as bridges, culverts, beaches, riverbeds, reserve lands, wharves, and road shoulders among other public spaces.

Who needs an RTW Licence Endorsement?

  • Everyone who drives a special-type vehicle on the road that isn’t a forklift.
  • Wheels (W), Tracks (T), and Rollers (R) each require their own individual endorsement in order to operate legally (R).

How do I get an RTW Licence Endorsement?

To earn your RTW endorsement in New Zealand, you must first finish and pass a course offered by TR Driver Training, which is an authorised training provider.

Participants will be eligible to receive a certificate from the New Zealand Transport Agency upon showing that they have satisfactorily completed the TR Driver Training Approved Course. This certificate needs to be produced to a licencing agency (such as AA, VTNZ or VINZ) in order to obtain an RTW Licence endorsement, and the following requirements need to be satisfied in order to do so:

  • Fill out the application form and make the appropriate payment to receive your NZTA Licensing.
  • Take an eye test.
  • Please provide some form of identification as well as proof of your current address.

RTW Endorsement course with Roadtrain, NZ.

Clients who wish to gain their R, T or W Licence Endorsement, can do so by attending one of our courses, (Must hold a minimum of a FULL Class 1 Licence to gain the endorsement(s).

The course is 3 to 5 hours long, depending on previous operation experience. The course consists of:

Theory Presentation:

  • Description of Special-Type Vehicles,
  • Legal Requirements for Special-Type Vehicles,
  • Vehicle Pre-Start Checks,
  • Maneuvering and Operating a Special-Type Vehicle,
  • Hazard Recognition and Site Safety, and
  • Parking and Securing the Special-Type Vehicle

Written Assessment:

Individuals are required to correctly answer all questions relating to the vehicle they are gaining their endorsement for. This is an NZTA / NZQA assessment and will be conducted at the end of the theory presentation.

Practical Operating Assessment:

This involves a driving/operation test conducted in the workplace, whereby the individual is required to display their ability to competently operate and maneuver the vehicle. This could include the use of the bucket/blade etc; during the assessment.


$420 + GST. (R, T & W Endorsement)

Single Endorsement $200 + GST


8 am – 1 pm, or until assessments are completed based on previous experience.


Successful individuals will receive an NZTA Driver Licence certificate, which they need to present to a Licence Testing Agency, in order to receive their endorsement(s).

To learn more about RTW Endorsement in NZ or to book your session, feel free reach out to us today!